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7. Vialidad invernal en zonas urbanas

  • IP0028 - Evolution of the winter treatment of bike lanes in the Brussels région
    Vansumere Ken

    Brussels Mobility manages 800 km of roads and 160 km of off-road bike lanes. Between 2008 and 2020, the bike lanes network grew by 200 % and the number of cyclists counted by more dan 200 %. In order to promote all-season cycling , Brussels Mobility has adapted the usual road treatments to the particularities of bike lanes. In this connection, Brussels Mobility has made changes in the type of [...]

  • IP0355 - Delivery of Snow and Ice Control by North American Transit Authority. Focus on Separated Transitways, Pedestrian Access/Public Realm & Other Transit Assets.
    Souraya Abdou

    Calgary Transit operates a light rail transit system (LRT) known as the CTrain. The CTrain is one of the busiest LRT systems in North America, with over 300,000 weekday riders. The system has 46 CTrain stations and over 100 kilometers of track. In addition to the LRT Calgary Transit operates four rapid transit lines that takes you to major destinations across the city with more convenience, more comfort [...]

  • IP0201 - Management of large amounts of snow in cities
    Nutz Peter

    In cities, people use many different modes of transportation. This can only be a short walk to a car and then using the car. But it can also mean bicycles, busses, trams, subways, scooters as mode of transportation. The infrastructure to allow all these modes can include traffic lanes and parking lanes for cars, bikeways, bus lanes, sidewalks and other areas. In conclusion, all the space available [...]

  • IP0085 - The use of smart road temperature sensors coupled with high-resolution route-based forecast models in delivering a smarter urban winter maintenance service
    Hammond David

    Provision of an efficient winter maintenance service in urban areas can often be challenging. Urban Heat Island (UHI) effects often mean that single area wide forecasts are not always well suited to regions with urban population centres. Previous studies have shown how road surface temperature cooling rates vary considerably between urban and rural locations due to differences such as sky view factor [...]

  • IP0112 - Encouragement of bicycle traffic in winter by optimised winter service
    Cypra Thorsten

    The provision of continuous, safe and comfortable bicycle facilities is one of the essential requirements for a broad acceptance of the bicycle as an everyday means of transport. In recent years and decades, numerous municipalities have begun a transformation of transport networks and have been able to achieve considerable changes in the modal split within manageable periods of time by focussing bicycle [...]

  • IP0164 - City of Ottawa Maintenance Quality Standards Review
    McClintock Heather

    The City of Ottawa is the capital of Canada and, as such, has a high demand for winter maintenance to effectively serve approximately 1M people plus government officials, dignitaries, and tourists. The City anticipates significant growth over the next 10-30 years and is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. The City needs to manage its winter maintenance operations to encourage a more [...]

    Moussa Omar

    The demands for maintaining a safe active transportation link all year round between Montreal and Longueuil are growing. Therefore, the Jacques-Cartier et Champlain bridges Inc. undertook during the last couple of years different preliminary studies and closed-circuit simulations for the winter maintenance of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge multipurpose path and sidewalks using conventional equipment. [...]

  • IP0284 - Medidas ecológicas de vialidad invernal en Praga
    Janeba Julius

    The winter maintenance information system in the capital city of Prague is designed to ensure the fast collection of information on the weather conditions and the state of roadways in the metropolis. This checks the state of treatments of roads, pavements and public areas. Emphasis is placed on the actual ecological impact of the technology and the materials used for maintenance. Therefore, temperature [...]

    Klang Jaakko

    The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and Finnish Transport Agency have initiated a pilot project, which studies the impacts of traffic environment, weather, road conditions and maintenance on walking and cycling conditions in winter. The study area of the project was the walking and cycling paths of the regional road 110 in urban area. The study has been divided into [...]

  • IP0002 - Servicio de invierno en áreas urbanas: un recordatorio rápido

    Winter service in urban aera : short memory aid Numerous technical documents are produced in France in the field of winter maintenance. This communication proposal aims to present an aide-memoire technical sheet dealing with the management of urban transport in the winter period. The objective of this fact sheet is to provide the first elements of doctrine in terms of urban transport and the winter [...]

  • IP0016 - Servicio de invierno en carriles bici nuevas directrices y experiencias en Alemania
    Dr. Hanke Horst

    Bicycle traffic in Germany has grown extremely in recent years. Higher environmental awareness, electronical drives (E-Bykes) but also the influence of Corona Pandemy have accelerated this developement. Many new bicycle paths have been built. New types of bicycle paths which are exclusively reserved for cyclists were developped and are established in many cities in Germany: Bicycle-Expressways („Radschnellweg“), [...]

  • IP0126 - Un enfoque basado en agentes para optimizar el acarreo de nieve en Sapporo, Japón

    Sapporo is the central city of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost major island. The city is one of very few extremely snowy metropolises in the world, with an annual snowfall of six meters and a maximum snow depth of one meter. To provide the public with the best possible winter roadway conditions, the city government allocates more than 20 billion yen per year to winter road maintenance. To maintain [...]