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WS 4.3 Spreading technology

Tuesday, February 8 09:45 - 11:15 (Calgary)

GMT : 02/08| 16:45 - 18:15 Paris : 02/08| 17:45 - 19:15 New Delhi : 02/08| 22:15 - 23:45 Tokyo : 02/09| 01:45 - 03:15 Sydney : 02/09| 03:45 - 05:15

Chair: Horst HANKE, member of PIARC TC 3.2, Germany

Winter service evolves over the years with ongoing development and research. This topic covers all subjects concerning innovation in techniques and technologies in winter service. New techniques such as application of de-icers and anti-icers, improvement in the use of abrasives, snow and ice clearance procedures and methodologies and sustainable and adaptive maintenance procedures are one part. But also new technologies like new snow and ice clearing equipment, automation of snow and ice control, new or alternative chemicals or materials and sustainable products or equipment are developed. Spreading de-icing chemicals is a major part in the fight against snowy or icy roads. Within the last years spreading technology has developed further. This session provides information about newest technology and methods in spreading de-icers.

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Welcome and session introduction

• Horst HANKE


Evaluating the benefits of FS50 through a collaborative national road administration and local highway authority winter research programme
• Mr David Batchelor, Highways England, United Kingdom

The technical control of salt spreaders in Wallonia
• Mr Frédéric Razée, Service Public de Wallonie, Belgium

Development of Anti-icer Spreading Support Technology Based on Operator’s Mental Workload Evaluation
• Mr Tomonori Ohiro, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region, PWRI-NRDA, Japan

New Technologies and Methods in Winter Service on Scottish Trunk Roads
• Mr Martin Thomson, Transport Scotland, United Kingdom


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Questions and Answers

• Horst HANKE


• Øystein LARSEN, member of PIARC TC 3.2, Norway

Session Organiser: Horst HANKE
Session Secretary: Øystein LARSEN