Proceedings of the Congress

Individual papers

There will be over 50 technical sessions under two complimentary themes: Winter Service and, new for 2022, Road Resilience (in all seasons).
This is reflected in the 15 topics of the international call for papers.

Winter Service Theme

All individual papers on this theme:

1 Topic 1. Extreme winter situations in cold climate areas
2 Topic 2. Effect of climate change on winter service
3 Topic 3. Road weather information
4 Topic 4. New technologies and methods in winter service
5 Topic 5. Winter maintenance management
6 Topic 6. Road user communications and connected and autonomous vehicles during winter
7 Topic 7. Winter service in urban areas

Resilience Theme

All individual papers on this theme:

8 Topic 8. Best practices for increasing resilience in road networks
9 Topic 9. Disaster and Risk Management
10 Topic 10. Improving resilience of Road Network Operations through ITS and new technologies
11 Topic 11. Resilient pavements
12 Topic 12. Bridge resilience considering natural hazards
13 Topic 13. Resilience of Earth Structures to natural hazards
14 Topic 14. Resilience: measures to keep a road tunnel safely available for traffic under varying circumstances
15 Topic 15. Resilience of Roads and Roads transport