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WS 5.3 Training in winter service

Thursday, February 10 09:45 - 11:15 (Calgary)

GMT : 02/10| 16:45 - 18:15 Paris : 02/10| 17:45 - 19:15 New Delhi : 02/10| 22:15 - 23:45 Tokyo : 02/11| 01:45 - 03:15 Sydney : 02/11| 03:45 - 05:15

Chair: Øystein LARSEN, member of PIARC TC 3.2, Norway

Administration of winter service activities involves the planning and organization of many functions of road agencies and requires significant resources. Winter service is part of the operational strategy of Road Administrations. Driving a car can be difficult. Driving a truck with an extra wide snowplough during a snowstorm certainly is. Apart from driving, the driver also has to think about where to plough the snow and the adequate salt dosage. Especially new or unexperienced drivers need training for optimum results. This session shows different training methods for winter service personnel.

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Welcome and session introduction

• Øystein LARSEN


Developing Comprehensive Defensive Driving Training for Snowplow Operators
• Mr Matthew Camden, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, USA

Elaboration of a pedagogical kit for training personnel in winter service
• Mr Rémi Reiff, Cerema, établissement public, France

Development of a snow plow truck simulator that contributes to efficient and early skills acquisition for snow plow truck operators
• Mr Tetsuhiro Yamashiro, Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Japan

Pandemic Impacts on Winter Service Operations in Selected U.S. Agencies
• Mr. Mark DeVries and Mr. Wilford Nixon, Professional Snowfighters Association, USA 


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Questions and Answers

• Øystein LARSEN


• Horst HANKE, member of PIARC TC 3.2, Germany

Session Organiser: Øystein LARSEN
Session Secretary: Horst HANKE