Proceedings of the Congress

Poster Session 4: Topics 3, 11 and 14

Tuesday, February 8 19:00 - 20:00 (Calgary) | Room 2

GMT : 02/09| 02:00 - 03:00 Paris : 02/09| 03:00 - 04:00 New Delhi : 02/09| 07:30 - 08:30 Tokyo : 02/09| 11:00 - 12:00 Sydney : 02/09| 13:00 - 14:00

In this poster session, authors will present their papers on the topic 3 (also presented during poster session 5), topic 11 (also presented during poster session 3) and topic 14 (also presented during poster session 5).

Topic 3: Road weather information

MDSS (maintenance decision support system), ITS and use of mobile data are the new tools to assist in delivering winter service operations and providing information to the public. Presentations will be made on innovations, technology and information related to decision-making such as:

  • Policies and management of road weather data
  • Integration of road weather information with predicted traffic, planned maintenance, anticipated incidents etc.
  • Using assembled weather forecasts (confidence interval, probabilities) to better manage the risk and the cost of a decision
  • Using road weather information to improve road condition forecasts
  • Using road weather information to enhance infrastructure resilience
  • Using road weather information to model and forecast surface transportation and weather events
  • Using road weather and surface condition data collection, including big data approach (mobile data, etc.)

Topic 11: Resilient pavements

We encourage submissions that address:

  • Resilience of pavements and roadside infrastructure, in urban and rural areas
  • Experiences with adaption of resilient pavement designs and materials, e.g. to non-standard tires such as new generation wide based single tires,
  • Use of technology for post-disaster investigation and monitoring resilience
  • Use of advanced pavement management approaches to mitigate/incorporate natural or man-made disasters may also be considered
  •  Materials with the potential for self-healing
  • Pavement surfaces that retain their characteristics irrespective of climatic variations, etc.

The papers can be based on theoretical modelling, laboratory research, in-situ performance evaluation or case studies.

Topic 14: Resilience: measures to keep a road tunnel safely available for traffic under varying circumstances

Compared to the open road, tunnels are relatively vulnerable when it comes to availability for traffic, because of the many required safety measures to enable safe passage. Moreover, a traffic incident or fire in a tunnel often requires more time and effort to normalize the situation than on the open road. So, in the context of road tunnels, resilience could be described as the ability to keep the tunnel safely available for traffic, during various abnormal situations, like traffic incidents, technical malfunctions, extreme weather conditions, other natural and man-made hazards, or maintenance and refurbishments.

Papers on this topic should describe cases in which measures were planned and implemented to improve road tunnel resilience in general or for a specific road tunnel, focussed on events or circumstances that are particularly relevant for your situation or experience.

The analysis, design, implementation, monitoring and effectiveness of the measures in question would be interesting for the reader - “do’s and don’ts”, recommendations, etc.